0x4641494c – Fail Patching and Symantec Remote Root Redux!

Those of you who have been reading this for a while, or who are familiar with my work, might remember this: Symantec Web Gateway Remote Root, a little PoC I knocked together based on an exploit Muts from Offensive Security wrote. His PoC, I felt, was a tad unuseable, so I made an attempt at reinventing it :)

So, naturally, Symantec patched this terrible vulnerability. And everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Or so they thought! Muts revisited it post-patch, and simply found another way to exploit the EXACT SAME FLAW. And when he released the PoC for his “Exploit: Reloaded”, I like to think he took my advice and wrote a better ‘sploit, as his new one is very similar to my “more weaponized” PoC. A bit neater too… Is this a game of one-upmanship? ;)

Without further ado, here is the exploit: Muts Reloaded!

Anyways, I better go off and finish that demo on Cryptfuscate I promised I would write :)

Video: ARP Toxin and Driftnet Man in the Middle

So, sovaldi sale in this quick video (made ages ago for the talk I gave at CampusCon), buy cialis I demonstrate the use of an ARP Poisoning attack to redirect someone elses traffic through my computer, then I sniff thier traffic. In a later blog post I will write more about MiTM and ARP Poisoning, but for now, check out this video. It uses Nemesis, which we covered in my last post, to function…