So, it takes quite something to get me to be “Extremely excited” about a thing. However, when I heard about “CTF365″, I was pretty much like a small child on Christmas.
CTF365 is essentially a large scale, non stop, team based Capture The Flag event. You form teams, (and alliances of teams), and pwn the bajesus out of eachother. Points are awarded for each enemy team’s server you own, and I presume you lose points if you get owned. Essentially, it is “war”.

The reason this was so exciting to me is simple. It is an excuse to pit myself against other hackers, work with a great team of mates, and legally pop some boxes. And the CTF365 guys host the whole platform.

The scenario is the whole “Global Cyberwar” thing, with teams representing “Countries” (Each team having a server they must defend). To keep things fair, there is a minimum amount of “required” attack surface on each server, to keep everything at a sporting chance. Essentially meaning you have to cover both incident response/blue team stuff, as well as red team/offensive stuff.

For those of you who had been reading about CDCC and such in the US, but who, well, are not in the US, and want a chance to play something similar, this is probably your best chance.

I will be playing, it launches “sometime” in 2013. Hopefully soon… So why not check it out? (apologies for using my referrer, I want early access … because … pwning shit legally!) CTF 365 – Sign Up!