Insecurety Research is a small group of computer security researchers who spend some of their free time publishing their research and ideas.

The site was set up in early 2012 by Darren “infodox” Martyn, sovaldi and another researcher by the nickname “x41″. It began as a simple HTML site covering a few things they had been researching, shop and has since been redeveloped using WordPress to allow easier content management and searching.

Contact Information:
infodox: infodox [at] insecurety.net
x41: x41 [at] insecurety.net
(To be honest, best bet is to email infodox as x41 rarely checks emails for some reason).

All legal threats, DCMA notices, abuse because we leaked your malware, and media enquires are to be routed to the following mailbox:
legal [at] insecurety.net

Be warned – if you email us asking us to preform evil deeds, or with some inane question like “How i hax hotmail?”, we may have to publish said email for the amusement of our readers.
For examples of this, see the following:
Attrition – Going Postal
Darknet – the retarded emails archive


2 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Hey Guys,

    all new to the security aspect of things but im really enjoying the range of content on the site and all the information is up to date and educational…Keep up the good work, props!

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