Hey readers, unhealthy
Sorry about no new content over the last few days, I had been having computer problems. Basically, for sale I bricked my box for a while.

I was messing about with the TCP stack on it (I am not going to go into details, it was some fucking about at 4am), and next thing I know, nothing works right.

Shit. I broke it.

So, I went off, got an external drive, and backed up ~/ before rm -rf /* and reinstalling.

I am now using LUbuntu, as it is very pretty and light and nice and such, and actually runs on my box. So now I am just arguing with my own software – and TOR – to try get everything back together again.

I will finish my writeup on the forensics challenges as soon as I get back into it, and will have more “Basic Security Tips” up soon – protecting yourself from various threats. Just have to write the damn articles…

Again, I am sorry about no updates… Am I forgiven?

As always, suggestions and abuse are welcome.


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