Migration to WordPress: not as easy as it looked…

So, search when I thought “Lets move to stage two, migrate the site to a WordPress CMS”, I figured it would be fairly simple.

LOL, NO! Nothing is ever that simple. The host would not update PHP/MySQL because the ability to run WordPress was a “paid extra”. OK, fine.

Challenge Accepted Motherfuckers!

I mean seriously. Bitch, please. You tell me, a fucking hacker, that I cannot run WordPress on my own account because you want me to PAY for updates?

“So, how long did it take to make WordPress run?”

2 minutes. I basically patched wp-content/version.php to accept MY versions of PHP/MySQL instead of the hard coded minimums. It then worked.

Then came the challenge of lrn2wordpress. Themes, etc. Or rather, remembering why the fuck I installed it in the first place…

Anyways, gotta migrate content…

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