[Howto] Installing Nemesis on Ubuntu Linux

Ok. Nemesis is a very powerful Packet Crafting/Injection tool for Unix based systems. I have heard that ALLEGEDLY it can be installed/ran on Windows also, ailment but never felt like trying, as I do not use Windows nor is Windows much good for ANYTHING to do with sockets.

Nemesis is similar to tools like “hping” in that you can customize the packet you want to send, and send it. Very useful for playing with low level protocols, and incredible if you want to learn more about the network layer stuff.

For more information on Nemesis, prostate you can always check out the following links…




SO. How do I get Nemesis to work on Ubuntu and such?

Well, most distributions do not have it in their repositories it seems, and just because it is easy to do, let’s compile it from source.

Step One: Install Dependancies

First off we need to install the dependancies it has, so the following two commands should do the trick.

apt-get install libdnet-dev
apt-get install libpcap-dev

No screenshot should be needed here I hope…

Step Two: Install “libnet” to the /usr directory.

Now for convenience, I do my installation in the /usr directory. Don’t ask why, it just seemed right at the time.

The following commands should do this easily for you…

The first three are “preparing the build area”

cd /usr
mkdir nembuild
cd nembuild

The next three are “getting the sources and unpacking them”
wget http://ips-builder.googlecode.com/files/libnet-1.0.2a.tar.gz
tar -xf libnet-1.0.2a.tar.gz
cd Libnet-1.0.2a

The next commands “configure” and make + make install the Libnet libraries.
make && make install

Installing Libnet

So. Now that we have successfully installed Libnet (if you get some wierd errors, leave a comment and I can try help you) we can go on and install Nemesis!

Step Three: Installing Nemesis

So. This is the fun part – where we get to finally install Nemesis.

Assuming you are still in the directory “/usr/nembuild/Libnet-1.0.2a”, just “cd ..”.

Otherwise, “cd /usr/nembuild” so we are all on the same page!

So. Lets prepare our “Environment” for the Nemesis installation by getting and unpacking the sources! The following commands should do it…

wget http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/nemesis/nemesis/1.4/nemesis-1.4.tar.gz
tar -xf nemesis-1.4.tar.gz
cd nemesis-1.4
Preparing to install Nemesis

So, thats everything prepared. Now for the tricky bit – making it build properly.

Note that I used very specific paths for this – this is because we HAVE to specify THESE libnet libraries!

Now for the next commands…

./configure —with-libnet-includes=/usr/nembuild/Libnet-1.0.2a/include —with-libnet-libraries=/usr/nembuild/Libnet-1.0.2a/lib
make && make install


Installing Nemesis

There we go! Now for usage and such, “man nemesis” is a good place to start – they don’t make those man pages for nothing you know!

Finally, to wrap up, a screenshot of Nemesis!

Nemesis - Screenshot

9 thoughts on “[Howto] Installing Nemesis on Ubuntu Linux

  1. I tried to install the apt-get install libdnet-dev package, and I have a lot of problems with my network. I’m running ubuntu 10.04, and first it works for a few, but later, I lost my conexion and I can’t do ping any longer. I uninstall that package and network works again. I don’t know why but I warn you.

  2. This didn’t work for me at first. In addition I had to add the libnet root (eg not /include or /lib but the Libnet-1.0.2a directory) to PATH…

    export PATH=/tmp/Libnet-1.0.2a:$PATH

  3. Any idea what is going on here? I’ve tried a couple different versions of libnet and keep getting the same error:

    ./install-sh doc/libnet.3
    install: no destination specified
    make: *** [install] Error 1

    • What platform are you on? I can give it a shot later on if you send me more info on what exact versions of everything you are using :)

  4. Hi,

    i have the same error as armen.

    ./install-sh doc/libnet.3
    install: no destination specified
    make: *** [install] Error 1

    I want to install it on Debian Wheezy x64 bit. Can anybody has an idea?

  5. ————–
    ERROR! Libnet library not found, go get it from
    or use the –with-libnet-* options, if you have it installed
    in unusual place
    that happens if i trie to configure nemesis :(

    think my failure is in this part
    /configure —with-libnet-includes=/usr/nembuild/Libnet-1.0.2a/include —with-libnet-libraries=/usr/nembuild/Libnet-1.0.2a/lib
    make && make install
    i dont really know what to do here

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