Quick update, cure Migration to WordPress is going fairly well.

The old content can still be accessed at http://insecurety.net/index.OLD.html for those that want it, advice however it will all be eventually assimilated into this WordPress blog.

The team is also expanding, with new people coming onboard to share their work and collaborate on new things. So there should be a lot of awesome research and development done!

I am currently finishing off some research into Denial of Service attacks and migitations by posting a series of articles about how they work. I am starting with SYN floods and then just moving along.

As this summer kicks off,  Blackhat Academy is going to be relaunching their site soon, with lots of awesome new content. Having started contributing to their wiki, I have seen the absolutely amazing content they have over there. Go check it out – it is relaunching in June!

The subpages are not yet finished, and this site is still a work in progress (as always), but yeah.  Hope you find something you like here :)

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