Short Post – Smart 0day Hunting

Ok, ampoule so I had to notice the “Sammy FORGIT” guy dropping exploits all over Packetstorm and Exploit-DB lately. Most of them in WordPress plugins. You can check out the shit he is dropping here –

So, patient I had to take a look to see could I notice any “trick” he was using to find ALL THOSE VULNZ! I want the 0day too!

Lets look at two of the exploits as an example – if you look more there IS a discernable pattern, see , I promise you.

Now, what part of both of those is the vuln in?
Now, is this just me, or are both using the Uploadify library?
Could be a coincidence, but I must look deeper! I must find MORE examples of this!

This file explains it:

So it is the “uploadify.php” file that is buggy as hell. Lets find more examples of this!

-> It has “vuln path” of uploadify/upload.php

-> Has “vuln path” uploadify/uploadify.php

-> Has “vuln path” uploadify/custom.php

-> Has “vuln path” uploadify/uploadify.php

So, as you can see, all these use the “Uploadify” PHP library to handle file uploads. This library is the vulnerability that makes ALL these plugins buggy.
ANY software using a vulnerable library like that, is vulnerable to this bug.

So what does this all mean? Well, if you want the 0day to flood in, you should do as Sammy does. Look for libraries a lot of things use, and find vulns in THEM. The product may be secure, but its libraries are likely not. This way, you canhaz ALL the 0day you ever needed.

Now, excuse me while I SVN checkout the entire repo of WordPress plugins :P

2 thoughts on “Short Post – Smart 0day Hunting

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  2. Hi bro,
    What a coincidence , I also spend a day searching for 0 day on that day and noticed sammy’s discovered vulns in WP.
    My website is now offline I’ll back soon …
    Best wishes

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